How to Get Your Film to the Movies

Posted October 10, 2018 08:59:47The most important part of making a film is getting the right people to see it.

That’s the key to getting it made.

I’ve done it with the movie The Gift, starring Amy Schumer, which I directed and produced.

I think it was a really big step in making a feature film, and it’s a big step forward for female filmmakers.

We were shooting in New York City, which is very, very different than a lot of places in the United States, but I think that’s where the magic was.

The film is very unique, and that’s the part that has been hard for me to wrap my head around.

I’m not sure that anybody has ever made a film about a woman, or women, that didn’t make the most out of the fact that it was about women.

You have to be able to look at the film and say, “I didn’t see it coming.”

And that’s what Amy has done in the movie.

She is not an easy filmmaker to work with, and I don’t think she’s easy to work around.

She’s very, well-respected, and people love her.

So it’s always been about making sure that she’s getting the film made, and getting the story out.

But it’s not a matter of, “Well, she’s a female filmmaker.”

It’s not like, “She’s a woman who has made a great film.”

Amy is very smart and she knows how to find great directors, and her film is an incredibly funny film that’s not about a man or a woman.

I thought it was just the perfect fit for a woman to make.

And I think, really, this is the most important thing that a woman can do.

It’s about being yourself, and finding out who you are and doing your best.

And Amy is really a wonderful example of that.

Amy is so intelligent and talented and funny and smart, and she has a great eye for storytelling.

And it was such a beautiful moment when she said, “So, you want to do a feature?”

And I was like, I’m doing a feature, Amy!

It was a beautiful, magical moment.

So, yes, it was difficult for me and my agent to be around a lot more than I had wanted to.

I have to say that Amy has really made it possible for me.

The thing about making a movie is you have to have a team.

You need the right actors.

You also need the story.

I had so many great actors.

They’re all wonderful, and they all have very different stories, but they all really want to make the movie that I want it to be.

Amy’s story is such a unique one, and so unique, that she really deserves the privilege of doing it.

I didn’t think that I was going to have this great experience making a female-driven feature film.

I really thought it would be just a lot to deal with, with so many other things.

But Amy has taken the time to go to so many different places, and find the right filmmakers, and found the right story.

So I really do love working with her.

And so, yes — it was really hard to be there when she started.

I was just doing this thing that I do with the film.

She came up to me and was like “I think I really like your style, and you’re such a great director.”

And she said she had worked with so much amazing directors before, and when she met Amy, she thought, “Oh, she knows exactly what she wants to do.”

And so she got to work on it for a long time.

I mean, she made it a point to do it in the summer, but she did it in a summer when she had to work.

It was really cool.

She just came up and she was like she’s going to go out and shoot something.

And then we went out to her house, and we had a beautiful time together.

And when we were out shooting, I went to my house and I saw her, and my jaw just dropped.

I never would have thought that she could be so down-to-earth and sweet and funny, and the best friend of the director.

And her passion for storytelling is such, and this is such an amazing woman, and Amy is such someone.

And she just loves this job, and has such a passion for this.

So this is a wonderful, amazing journey.

You can see it with all of these great filmmakers that I have met in my life.

But I think this is just a really beautiful, beautiful woman.

And that, to me, is the thing that really makes this a really special film.

Amy has always had this passion and desire to do something great, and to be part of something big.

And to get to be one of the first people to work and work with her

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