Leopard’s ‘Bubble’ Film Set To Hit Home Entertainment Box Office on Thursday with $18M (EXCLUSIVE)

The Leopards “Bubbles” Film will go up against the new Marvel-Marvel Studios actioner “Guardians of the Galaxy” and Disney’s upcoming “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” on Thursday, March 16, 2018, with an estimated opening of $18 million.

“Leopard’s” “Bounce” is based on the book by Michael Bamberger, which tells the story of the leopards’ legendary leap.

The film will be released in North America on March 17.

“The Bounce” will be a limited theatrical release on March 15.

“Bubs” star, Michael B. Jordan, will play a former CIA operative who takes the lead in a covert operation to stop a terrorist plot.

The Leopard film has been in development since the late ’80s.

The leopard is known for its bold, dangerous appearance and is a highly sought-after pet.

The book, which has sold more than 1 million copies and spawned dozens of sequels and spinoffs, is one of the most celebrated of the animal kingdom.

The animal has been the subject of numerous books, animated films, television series and feature films.

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