How to make a Christmas Gift: The Complete Guide to the Perfect Gift

A holiday gift from a man named Richard A. “Dick” Lasseter has been deemed “a great idea” and will soon become part of the history books.

Lasseter’s first attempt at a Christmas gift, “The Loft,” debuted at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, and was released by Sony Pictures Classics in 2011.

Lasseters first wife, Janet Pinsky, passed away in 2011, and his son, Richard, has since been tasked with creating a Christmas classic.

In the new documentary, The Loft, we get a closer look at the making of the movie, as well as Lassetters journey to creating the iconic piece.

It premieres on Sunday, Dec. 10 on Lifetime.

In addition to Lassets’ own voice-over narration, the documentary features a collection of behind-the-scenes footage and other special features from the film.

In particular, the “Lassetts” are seen making a video tribute to their late mother, Janet, who died in December of 2011.

It is an intimate look at Lassett and his family, and the impact the family had on the filmmaker’s life.

The Loft is a “complete gift” for anyone, and we are so grateful for Richard’s support, says filmmaker, Amy Tseidler.

“He was so supportive of his work, even as we made it,” Tseids, who is also the director of the New York City-based Film Noir, tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“In a way, it was a gift to him as well, as a gift for the world.”

Watch the trailer for The Loft on LifetimeWatch the teaser for the documentary below.

Lasso and Lassette’s first movie, “the loft,” premiered at the Sundance Filmmakers Film Festival in 2010.

They were nominated for two Academy Awards, but lost out to their former colleague, The Room, in the Best Animated Feature category.

Lissette died in 2011 and Richard was tasked with making a Christmas masterpiece.

It has since become a Christmas legend.

The trailer for the new film: The Loft: The Story Behind the Perfect Christmas GiftThe Loft: A Complete GuideTo Making a Christmas PresentFor more than 30 years, Lassettes gift-giving tradition has been the source of the greatest holiday celebrations in the world.

In 2016, his wife Janet Pinks passed away, leaving him to raise their daughter, Emma, on his own.

For the past four years, he has been busy developing a gift from the man behind “The Portal,” “The Piano,” “Jingle Bells,” and other classics.

Laskers gift to Emma was a simple, handmade, and highly personalized one, complete with handwritten notes and notes from friends and family, plus the most famous gift of all, a box of presents.

The gift was made with “lucky charms,” handmade Christmas cards and card stock, and wrapped in a small box.

Laskers daughter, Amy, has spent years researching and researching her father’s gifts, to the point that she became the first person to open the box, read the notes inside, and then post her findings on Instagram.

Amy shared the box and her findings with The Hollywood Buzz, and Lasker shared it with us.

“I think I was the first one to open that box,” Lassetti says in the trailer.

“I was surprised how well I could read all the notes.

I didn’t even realize how much information was inside.”

The Loft was created in a very specific time and place, he says, because he felt like the gift needed to reflect the era in which he grew up.

“The loft was a perfect time to bring the gift into the present era,” Laskett says.

“And for me, that was the perfect time.”

Lassett says that while the gift was a surprise for the filmmakers, the fact that it was an original gift, and not a classic one, was important to him.

“There are things that you’re really looking for, and you don’t have to buy them all,” he says.

“This gift is not a standard one,” he adds.

“It’s just a wonderful thing.”

Watch “The Lassetts’ Loft” on LifetimeVideo: The Lassitchers first movie “The Garage” was released in 2011 by Sony.

It followed a young couple, Mike and Liz, as they explored the world of cars, with the help of their mechanic, Bill, who was in a wheelchair.

It was a big hit, earning the Lassittes an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Film.

The Garage, which was shot in the living room of Lassie’s house, follows the Lascars as they make their own car, complete for a single night.

It’s an unusual film for an animated film, which means that it’s very different

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