Which of the new games from Microsoft is best for you?

Google is set to launch a new Xbox game series with a focus on the role of women in the world. 

The first games in the series will be based on the game franchise Halo and the Halo franchise itself. 

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, the next Halo game to be released, will feature a female protagonist, a female team leader, and will focus on social issues in the Halo universe. 

Microsoft’s new games are being created as part of the Halo brand, which has been on a tear in recent years. 

In 2015, Microsoft released Kinect Sports for the Xbox One. 

Kinetix, a company that creates Kinect-enabled devices, also recently announced a new line of gaming accessories, which includes a pair of controllers for the Xbox 360. 

Last month, Microsoft announced Kinross: The Journey for Xbox One and a new series of Kinect-based games. 

This week, Microsoft is also unveiling Project Spark, a new game from Microsoft Studios that focuses on gender diversity in gaming. 

A spokesperson for Microsoft confirmed to Eurogamer that the new Halo game series will focus “on the stories and characters of our diverse community and the many people who have shaped and shaped our future.”

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