Which is more important: the film or the story?


The StoryThe story is more interesting, and the film gives more depth to the characters.

The story is very well told, and it gives us a good sense of the characters’ personalities and how they think.

The actors’ performances are also very good, and they convey a lot of emotion through their expressions.2.

The FilmThe film is really a story-driven film.

It is also an entertaining film that has a strong story.

It does not feel rushed.

It takes a lot to give the story a life of its own, and this makes it a satisfying film that is easy to watch.3.

The ActorThe actors do an outstanding job in this film.

They have great chemistry and make each other feel real.

The characters have good chemistry, too, and their dialogues are very clear.4.

The Production The film is shot in a variety of ways.

We see the actors acting out scenes in different places and scenes, and we see the story being told in the context of different times.

In the end, the story is not about a single person, but it is a story about the characters, the world, and life in general.5.

The MusicThe music is very good.

It makes you feel at ease and gives the audience a feeling of peace.

The film also has some really good song lyrics.6.

The LanguageThe English language version of the story has some language issues.

The subtitles in the film are not translated very well.

I am not sure why the subtitles are not in English, but the subtitles do make me feel more at ease, and I can understand the words in the subtitles better.7.

The CastThe characters are really great.

We get to know them well, and there is a good amount of depth to each of them.

We also get to see some of their personalities.

The only major issue that I have with this film is the dialogue.

It seems to be quite hard to understand and understand the dialogue of characters.

I would say that it is good enough for me to watch it in Hindi, but I am sure that if the film was translated into English, it would be a much better film.

This is because the characters have their own voices, and you have to pay attention to them.8.

Overall The Story The story does not give any specific direction.

There is a lot happening, and these are the only things that we know.

However, the film does give us a sense of what is happening in the world in general and how it affects us.

The main character, for instance, is a farmer who lives in the forest of Kanchipuram.

He has a beautiful daughter, who is his only possession.

He lives with the villagers who live in a small village in the village.

He also goes out to buy food, and sometimes he goes out as well.

He spends his time reading books, and at night he goes to sleep and dreams.

The entire time he feels that he is dreaming.

In addition, there are people who work at a forest and live in the town, and he also has many acquaintances.

The only thing that he does not know is what happens to him.

The narrator is K.V. Anand, who was born in the 1970s.

He is an author who has written over 200 books.

He tells us that life in the countryside has been very harsh and hard.

He does not like the monsoon season.

He feels that life has become harsh.

One day, K. V. and his daughter, A, are on a journey.

They are traveling around the village and find some strange creatures.

He comes across some of the creatures and they are very strange.

The creatures come out of a tree, and when he sees them, he has a dream.

A tells him that she has seen a monster, and she is scared, so K. goes to the forest and tells the villagers to get their weapons and hunt them down.

He kills the creature, and tells A that she should be careful because she has a son.

Then, K goes back home and sees his wife A. She is terrified and is afraid of her husband, and K tells her that she must tell her husband and the villagers about the monster that she sees.

A and K go to K.M. Ananda’s house and ask him about the story that he told them.

He says that he was a farmer, and that the creature came out of the forest, and then they came to a village and they killed it.

Later on, K comes across a man who has an uncle who was a hunter.

He was going to go and kill some wild animals in order to make money, and so he came across a herd of wild animals, and hunted them.

K tells the story about how he was able to kill the creature.

He then went to his uncle’s house, and said that he killed the creature in order that he would be able to earn money.

After killing

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