How to watch the 911 call film of the suspect’s shooting of police

The 911 call of the shooting of a police officer is currently available on YouTube and it’s the call you’ll hear most often.

In the video, a masked gunman is seen running toward officers, who fire at him.

It was made public by the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department.

The gunman’s brother and girlfriend were arrested in August on charges of first-degree murder and are scheduled to be arraigned on Monday.

The police officers involved in the shooting were identified as Officer Michael M. Slager and Officer Brentley Vinson, who were shot and killed during an altercation.

The two officers were part of a special response team and the two men are also being charged with murder.

In the call, the shooter says he is going to kill cops, then he says he’s going to go get the cops who shot him, then that he’s not going to do that anymore.

It’s not clear what the officer said in response to this.

We can tell that this is an edited version of what’s happening.

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