‘Man of the Century’ film opens in China – BBC News

A Chinese film which was hailed as the ‘Man Of The Century’ is being pulled from the UK after it was dubbed into Mandarin.

The film ‘Sicilian’ won the prestigious BAFTA award for best foreign language film in 2013, but was pulled from cinemas across the UK and elsewhere last year.

A spokesperson for the International Federation of the Film Industry said: ‘It’s disappointing to see this particular film not be released in the UK due to the cultural sensitivity of its content.’

We’ve been working closely with the studio to explore the option of returning the film to China, but this has been an incredibly difficult process.’

The film is a classic, and should be treated with the respect it deserves.’

The film, directed by Oscar winner Andrey Zvyagintsev, stars Tilda Swinton and Anthony Hopkins as two Italian men who move to Italy to escape the Mafia, after their father’s murder.

The producers of the film have said that their aim was to bring the film home to the UK, with a theatrical release in March.’

Sicilia’ won a BAFTA for best film in 2014, but is no longer available in the country.

The BBC has contacted the producers of ‘Man and the Foster’ to ask if they plan to release the film in the future.

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