What to watch next year on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and other platforms

This is the fourth in a series of five stories that explores the biggest trends and developments in streaming, digital video, and related content.

The first was Netflix’s announcement of its original series The OA, which launched in 2017 and earned a 9.1 Emmy nomination.

The second is Netflix’s decision to move into original programming, including original series and documentaries, and new series, including a live-action adaptation of the classic classic 1950s western Wild West series and a reimagining of the 1950s crime film, The Last of the Mohicans.

The third is Netflix rolling out its original movie library, a catalog that is currently available in nearly all countries and includes new movies, original documentaries, documentaries from Netflix Originals, and original shorts.

The fourth is a new streaming service that launched in May and includes original series like the animated series Happy Endings, an adaptation of Jane Austen’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and a short film series from a team of writers and directors from Netflix.

The fifth story is the announcement of an all-new streaming service, Netflix Original Movies, which will provide more than 1,000 original films.

The OA and the new Netflix Original series were among the biggest releases of the year, but Netflix Origines have been relatively new.

Netflix Original Series is not available on Hulu Plus in the United States.

The only other Netflix Origination is the critically acclaimed American Horror Story: Hotel, which was made available on Amazon Prime Video.

The company also announced the acquisition of a new film and television production company called The Filmmaker Collective, which focuses on producing new short films, documentaries, short documentaries, feature films, and documentaries.

The Filmers, which began in 2017, will produce new short movies for Netflix Originations, documentaries for the company, and more.

The company is launching new streaming services that are focused on original programming and films, like Netflix Original Films, which brings together new short and feature films that are not available in the company’s existing catalog.

The new films will debut on Netflix Original on November 1, 2018, and on Netflix Originums in early 2019.

Netflix Originals are not currently available on Apple TV.

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