The mission film – ‘The mission’

An award-winning documentary which traces the history of Afghanistan’s military in the decades since it was declared a nation by President Hamid Karzai in 2001.

In a new film which stars a young actor and a veteran of the country’s military, The mission, based on a book by the BBC’s Tim Cocker, tells the story of the Afghan National Security Forces, or ANSF, the elite special forces unit which fought the Taliban in Afghanistan from 2001 until the withdrawal of American forces in 2014.

The film is a dramatic look at the impact of the US-led occupation of Afghanistan on the lives of Afghans, and the lives they have since left behind.

But while many Afghans are still searching for the countrys lost peace, The Mission has won the coveted World Press Award.

“Afghanistan’s government has made it clear that this film has been a major success,” said Cocker.

“The film captures the power of storytelling and it tells the true story of how the Afghan people were brought together and transformed by the forces of freedom that are still in Afghanistan.”

The film also explores the long history of US troops and their subsequent military interventions in Afghanistan.

It is the first film to take a critical look at Afghanistan’s war in its entirety.

“This film is the result of a lot of hard work and dedication by the producers and crew of the film,” said Richard Beresford, a documentary director who produced the film.

“I wanted to make a documentary about the Afghanistan war which was not only the longest in history but also the most successful war in modern history.”

The mission is a fascinating story of peace and the Taliban, the only country in the world to be attacked by the United States and its allies.

“The mission was the work of a team of BBC journalists, who travelled to Afghanistan to capture the story from the Afghan perspective, and then screened the film at film festivals across the world.”

It was a very special moment for the project as we were travelling across the country, interviewing people who had been there for many years,” said Beresfield.”

One of the things I loved about this film was that it was such a rare and extraordinary moment to be able to witness something that had been created in a small way.

“The documentary is based on an original script written by British journalist and documentary filmmaker David Ransom, who told the story in a book titled The Mission.

It was produced by BBC Afghan in partnership with BBC World Service, which is a joint venture between BBC World and the BBC World Trust.

The mission film is being shown in cinemas around the world, with screenings at the British Film Institute and the London Film Festival.

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