‘The Way We Roll’: ‘The Promise of the West’ trailer, trailer, and more

The trailer for “The Way You Roll,” a documentary about the American West, debuted this week and promises to be an incredibly fun ride for anyone who enjoys riding a motorcycle. 

The film, which is directed by Michael Krasinski, follows five American teens as they attempt to become outlaws in the wild west of California. 

“We wanted to tell the story of this incredible American frontier, of the people that built it, the wild and rugged West, and how we rode,” said Krasinsky in a press release. 

One of the film’s first scenes takes place in a small California town. 

Two young boys, who have no idea who they are, ride around in the back of a pickup truck, while a camera crew captures the action. 

Then they ride through a wilderness area where they encounter a group of cowboys who have come to fight for the land. 

Krasinski also wrote the script and will be in the film, with producer Joe Cornish and co-writer David Ayer on board to direct. 

We can’t wait to see the film!

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