The Beast’s Final Days

The Beast has been in the film world for a few years now.

The Beast is the first film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while it’s been pretty much universally praised as a great film, it’s also gotten some flak for its controversial ending.

It’s one of those films that makes you wonder if the film was worth making in the first place, as the film’s story is a bit of a blur.

In the film itself, a character named Lila is being stalked by a masked figure, a creature called the Beast, and she’s forced to fight the creature.

While the Beast doesn’t appear to be any of the usual Marvel heroes, it is a villain, and one who has been seen before in the comics, and his origins are somewhat vague.

There are no confirmed mentions of the Beast’s origins, and it’s unknown if he was originally going to be the Hulk, or if he’s just another villain who was killed off in later films.

But the Beast isn’t the only thing that makes The Beast such a difficult film to watch.

It also makes for a good introduction to what’s coming in the Marvel universe.

The film opens with a shot of a mysterious city called Gotham, and a shot that appears to be of a large beast.

The camera pans in on a small boy standing in front of a city-wide billboard, as well as an older boy and a woman, who are both dressed in black.

The older boy appears to have a face like a monster, and is holding a sword.

It seems that the older boy was responsible for the Beast attacking the boy.

The younger boy is seen holding a rifle, but it’s unclear if he has any sort of weapon.

There’s also a shot where a woman is seen walking down a street, with the caption, “The Beast has arrived.”

In the final scenes, it appears that the Beast has taken on a different identity, and he’s carrying an infant child.

The child has a black mask on its face, and the camera zooms in on it as it appears to grow.

The image on the child’s face appears to become distorted, and an image of a beast is seen.

The scene cuts to a shot from the trailer for The Beast.

It shows a young girl walking down the street, as a man stands behind her.

It is unclear what the man is doing, but the woman appears to hold a gun.

The man appears to walk away from the scene.

The same shot appears again in the trailer.

The boy appears in a similar shot, but this time he’s seen with a different mask on his face.

The woman walks down the same street as the boy, but appears to take a different direction.

The shots appear to cut back to the boy and the woman, as they walk away.

At the end of the trailer, the child is seen running through the city.

The final shot is of a small dog with a black face, with a caption that says, “I am the Beast.”

This shot appears to show the Beast taking the infant boy and his mother.

The beast’s face has a mask on it, and there are several shots where it appears in different angles.

The trailer also shows a scene from The Beast that features a different shot of the beast.

It has the Beast walking through a street.

It looks like the child has lost a leg.

The girl with the mask is wearing a black dress and carrying a gun, as she appears to shoot the baby boy.

There is a shot in the video that appears close up of the baby being pulled away from his mother, and then it cuts to the child.

In that shot, the woman with the gun is also seen holding the child with her arms.

The baby has a gun in his mouth.

This is an important moment in the story, because we know that in the previous film, the Beast was responsible the death of a baby boy in the same alley.

The next shot shows that a woman with a gun is carrying the child in her arms, and they are both in a large crowd of people.

The caption says that the baby is still in the arms of his mother and that the man with the child will take care of him.

This baby has been the one being held hostage by the Beast.

The footage also shows another shot that has a woman carrying a baby in her hands.

This time, it looks like she’s holding the baby in the other arm.

The character that appears in this shot is the same one that we’ve seen in the teaser trailer.

He has a long beard, and looks like he’s going through puberty.

In this scene, the man has a similar look, and has an eye-patch covering his right eye.

It doesn’t look like he has the full face mask on, but he does have a mask.

The last shot in this sequence shows that the beast has taken the baby’s mother and has taken away the child

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