When will the Warriors’ Kawhi Leonard finally be ready to play?

By Sam AmickESPN.com – 3/13/17 12:13:00In this preview of the Warriors-Lakers matchup, Bleacher Report’s Sam Amicks breaks down why Kawhi will likely be ready for this game.

Kawhi Leonard has been a long-time NBA fanboy, and this game will give him a chance to get the first look at what he can do in the post and beyond.

The Los Angeles Clippers are going to try to match up with the Warriors, who are going into the matchup with the league’s best record in the paint.

Leonard will likely play in the second half of the season because he’s averaging a career-best 15.1 points, 7.3 rebounds and 4.5 assists.

However, he is also a career 3-point shooter, and he is averaging 1.6 3-pointers per game.

If Leonard is unable to get going, he will be left with more to do.

The Warriors have had their share of injuries this season, and their best player, Draymond Green, is likely to miss some time.

This will be Leonard’s first chance to be a part of a Warriors team that has struggled to win games in the last month.

The Clippers are also expected to be missing the likes of Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Jamal Crawford and the other bigs.

Leonards shot 44 percent against the Thunder, and the Warriors have struggled against him all season long.

But this game could provide the opportunity for the All-Star to prove that he belongs on the floor.

It’s been a rough season for Leonard, who missed a month of training camp with a knee injury.

He has battled a sprained left ankle that was diagnosed late last month and was on the mend in January.

But Leonard has yet to play in a game.

In this game, Leonard will be a different player, and his shot is a lot more potent than usual.

He will have the opportunity to showcase his skills against one of the league the league leaders in 3-pointer percentage, and that will help him in this matchup.

Leonardo’s shooting percentage of 39.3 percent is just below the league average, but he is still shooting the ball better than his career average.

He is shooting 47.4 percent on 3-points, but it’s not an exact correlation, so his shooting percentage could also be dropping.

Leonord will also be in better position to defend LeBron James, and will have a chance for some success against the superstar.

Leonovas struggles against James have been on the court for a couple of years now.

He hasn’t been the same player since the start of this season and has shot just 43.6 percent from the field in those two seasons.

That is an improvement over the 42.8 percent he shot last season.

However to make up for it, Leonard is shooting 50.7 percent on threes, and 44.4 from behind the arc.

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