When you see the Munsters, you see ‘The Message’

The movie Munsters: The Message, which stars the actors Chris Pratt, Kate Mara, David Spade and Jessica Biel, has earned more than $100 million worldwide.

Director David Ayer and stars Chris Pratt and Kate Mara in the film are set to be released in theaters on February 14.

The film, which has been criticized for its gender-bending script and its focus on a female lead, is a continuation of the series’ popular TV series.

Munsters director David Aker and stars Christopher Pratt and Kristen Wiig in the upcoming film, “The Message.”

The film has been praised for its plot, its gender bending script and for its portrayal of a female protagonist.

The trailer for the film showed the movie’s female protagonist, Emma Stone, and a montage of footage of the Munster gang.

The film was also criticized for the fact that it was directed by the same writer who wrote the upcoming Netflix series The Punisher.

Ayer has previously said that he had no plans to work with Netflix or Marvel Studios on future films, but the two studios were reportedly interested in working together on the film.

Ayer’s recent comments suggest that he was talking about a Netflix series.

A spokesperson for Netflix told Entertainment Weekly in a statement, “Netflix is proud to have the widest selection of acclaimed series from the world’s leading filmmakers and producers.

We are working with David Acker and our other partners to bring the most powerful and memorable storytelling to the platform.”

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