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When you see The Shining, the film that was the last film in the franchise, you may be thinking it’s a pretty terrible movie.

But, in fact, it’s the best movie of the whole franchise.

The film opens with a shot of the town of Shining, California, with the ominous voice of Jack Torrance, as it slowly rotates around the sun.

The Shining opens with Jack’s dad, Ed (Dennis Quaid), standing on the top of a skyscraper, staring into the sun, and a shot pans to Jack’s grandfather, Frank (Lee Marvin), holding a torch in the darkness.

In the background is a dark alley.

As the film plays, a car drives up in front of Frank’s house, which is a few blocks away.

In a flashback, Frank and his father Ed are seen looking out the windows of Franks apartment and a couple of kids are walking out of the front door.

The kids run in front to a dark apartment building with no lights.

Frank and Ed run in the direction of the lights, but they come to a halt.

Frank stops, and Ed pulls the torch out of his hands and holds it high above his head.

The kid says, “What’s wrong with this light?”

The kid’s eyes widen, and Frank looks over to see if the kid is a murderer.

Frank looks at the kids again, and they say, “No, it is not.

It’s just a light.”

Frank points at the light and says, “”It’s a light.””

 Frank, Ed, and the kids walk into the apartment building, which seems deserted.

They enter a hallway with an old man who has his face covered, and his eyes are staring blankly at the ground.

The man says,”Look.

I’ve been here all my life.

It is not a good time for the town to go to war.”

The man says to Frank, “Look, I’ve seen this place before.

It was the town I came from, and it was a good town, and then it fell apart.

I know what happened to you, Frank.

This town will never be the same again.

But the town will survive.

They will rebuild it.”

The man walks to the door of the apartment complex.

He opens the door, and in the dark, a couple with children and a man in the back are standing in front.

The guy says, “(expletive) you, (expletiv) you.

It will be better than this.”

The kid with the kids says, (shouting), “I want to go back.”

The kid says to the man, “You’re gonna leave me behind.”

The guy replies, “Don’t you dare.

The town will not be safe.”

The boy says, to the kid, “We can fight it out.

We can win.”

The next scene shows the two men walking out from behind a building, with one of them looking at the other.

The other man, looking at them, says,(expletives), “You can’t do that.”

The two men, who are looking at each other, pull out guns.

 The kids say to the old man, (to Frank), “Don´t do it.”

The old man replies, “(to the kid),) You can’t leave us behind.” 

The kids say, to Frank.

“Don`t you dare.” 

The old guy replies to the kids, “They’ll come for us.” 

Frank says, “…they won’t.”

The old dude replies, “”You will.

You’ll live.” 

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