How to get the most out of the film zone

A new film zone is now a reality in Melbourne, with the state government announcing a pilot scheme to let residents enjoy their favourite outdoor films at their leisure.

The state’s film and outdoor cinemas will be offered free of charge in the CBD from next month, with some cinema operators offering the option to provide their own movies on premises, and others providing them in the film studio.

The announcement comes as the state’s premier film festival begins next week.

The Film and Outdoor Cinemas Victoria (FEVIC) will host its inaugural festival in December.

The government said the festival, which will be the first to be held in Melbourne’s CBD, will showcase local and regional films from around the state.

The program will include free cinema screenings and live entertainment.

The new film and playgrounds will be built on an existing public park site and the site will include a cinema, picnic area, playground and a public space with access to a cinema and playground area.

“Film and outdoor cinema have been around for decades and have become a cornerstone of our city and community,” Minister for Culture, Media and Sport Sue Moroney said.

“The FEVIC is proud to provide free and affordable access to some of the most iconic and beloved films in our state.”

The festival will be hosted by local film producers, as well as a variety of other local businesses.

Local artists will also participate, including the City of Yarra, which has been involved in developing a local version of the FEVic for years.

“We know that the FEvic has been successful in other cities around Australia and the world,” Ms Moroney told the ABC.

“So we’re keen to build on that success by offering a localised festival experience for Melbourneers to enjoy at home.”

The FEvics will offer a variety on-site, film, and outdoor experiences, with a selection of films and other outdoor entertainment options available to rent.

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