How Trump’s war on the press is hurting us all

The Trump administration has decided to shut down CNN and MSNBC, but they have more important news to tell.

In an unprecedented move, the White House has ordered the Justice Department to open an investigation into CNN and the news organization’s reporting on the war on drugs.

The White House says it has decided not to pursue criminal charges against CNN, which is already facing an investigation from the House Intelligence Committee for alleged bias.

However, CNN is facing the possibility of civil lawsuits in the future if the investigation continues.

CNN is also being investigated for its coverage of a drug investigation in the state of Texas.

The Justice Department has not announced a final decision on the matter, but the announcement comes after the network reported on the death of a man in Texas whose family was denied access to him during an investigation of a violent crime.

“The president believes the news media should be treated the same as all other Americans,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Monday.

“The president has repeatedly and repeatedly called for a reduction in the size and influence of the newsmedia.

CNN and other news organizations have a responsibility to report the news, not to spread false and misleading stories.”

The Justice Department is investigating CNN and its parent company Time Warner for “substantially all” of the network’s reporting about the war against drugs, the Department of Justice said.CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The network has faced criticism from Democrats and even some Republicans, who say the network has taken a “tough line” against the war.

But a White House official said the Justice review will be “neutral” and focused on whether CNN and Time Warner committed a crime.CNN’s coverage has been critical of the Obama administration’s drug war, and the Justice investigation will be part of a broader probe of whether CNN is violating federal law by reporting on drug investigations and other matters.CNN and Time to pay $20M in fines for coverage of the war of drugs article The White House is asking CNN and several other news outlets to pay a combined $20 million in fines and legal fees if they do not retract their stories or apologize for their coverage of drug investigations.

The proposed fine would be the largest ever imposed on a news organization by the Justice Departments office of civil rights.

CNN said it would not pay the fines, which are due next week.

The Trump administration will not seek to block CNN from running a story on its reporting of the Trump administration’s crackdown on the opioid crisis, the Justice officials said.

CNN has been among the networks that have reported on some of the administration’s most controversial policies, including President Trump’s plans to reduce funding for so-called sanctuary cities.

CNN was among several media outlets that initially reported that the White and Congressional leaders had reached a deal to cut federal funding to sanctuary cities, a deal that was widely criticized by Democrats and other critics.

CNN reported that there had been no progress in talks with the White Houses office of homeland security and immigration enforcement, which had warned that the cutbacks could have a chilling effect on law enforcement efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

The Justice officials also said CNN should “cease and desist” from running any further stories on a case in which a Texas sheriff who used a helicopter to search a home for illegal immigrants to stop the escape of two people with heroin in his system was fired.

The sheriff, who was later found to be innocent, was allowed to stay on the job by the Trump Justice Department.

The White house said the Trump Administration has not yet decided whether to prosecute the sheriff.

The federal government has been looking into the story and whether the CNN and TIME report were in violation of the law.

In addition to the proposed fines, the department is investigating the story for possible civil rights violations.

CNN did not respond to requests for comment on the Justice official’s statement.

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