‘Caught in the act’: What the victims of the Rohith Vemula gang rape story said to the police and the media

The rape of Rohith and Alok Vemulis in Delhi’s Rohith Nagar on March 3, 2016 was a violent crime.

It came as a complete shock for the victims.

They were attacked by men who were seen as their friends, but no one from their group had been caught.

The two had been friends for more than three years.

“There were many people there, and the police did not bother to check who was present there,” said Rohith, a journalist from the Hindi daily The Hindu.

“We all knew that they were there.

But we were shocked to see the police do nothing.

Why did they not look for us?”

Rohith was assaulted with a sharp weapon, a belt, a broken bottle and a broken glass on the street near his house in Rohith Marg.

He had not left his house for a long time when he heard shouting and heard his housemates running away from the spot.

“The police could have helped us, but they didn’t do anything,” he said.

Rohith said he did not see anyone from the group who could have saved his life.

“I didn’t hear anything else until the next morning,” he added.

Rohuth said that even after the police gave him a call, he was left wondering what to do next.

“My heart was pounding so hard,” he recalls.

Rohiths housemates who did not come to his rescue and who were with him in his home at the time of the attack were questioned by the police.

“When they questioned us, they asked me questions like, ‘How did you know that the two of you were there?’ and ‘Did you see them?’

I said, ‘No, but I heard them,’ ” he said, recalling the moment the police interrogated him.

“They kept asking me, ‘Do you remember when you came home from the park?’ and they asked about the bottle you had thrown.”

Rohith had been with the victims at the scene for the last three days and said that the police failed to help him, and that they had also failed to look for his friends.

“After I heard that the victims were not going to get justice, I decided to take a case to the Supreme Court,” he recalled.

The Supreme Court had earlier directed the Delhi Police to conduct a thorough investigation into the Rohuth Vemulu case, including the case of the murder of Vemuri’s daughter, who was raped and murdered in her home in December 2013.

Rohoth was among the victims, who were killed by police.

The victims, all from the same family, were killed when police barged into the home on March 2, 2016.

The incident has led to a public outcry over the treatment of the victims and a debate over the way rape cases are investigated.

“It was a complete failure.

The police failed in their duty,” said Shanti Dhingra, the daughter of Rohit Dhingras brother, who has been missing for over a year.

“Why did they wait till after the investigation had started?

We have seen this happening to many people.”

The victim, who went by the name Ramesh, told The Hindu, “Police didn’t act against me and my friends.

I have not spoken to anyone for years.”

“They (the police) are guilty of covering up the crime,” Rohith added.

“What did they do?

Did they kill my brother?

Did the police just say that I was a rapist?”

Rohit said that he and his brother had been living in the same house for about a year, but the police had not checked the details of their friends’ relationship.

“Some of the police officers in the house told us that I am a rapist.

The only reason they gave me a clean bill of health was because I told them that my brother was a sexual predator.

But when I saw the picture of the victim, I knew that I had committed a crime.

I wanted justice for my brother.”

The victims were all women.

Rohit’s father, Suresh, is a businessman and Rohith’s mother, Ramesha, is an administrative assistant.

The Vemulas’ sister, Vrinda, was also present in the couple’s home.

“Our house is the only place where they used to live.

They never had a proper relationship with anyone.

They didn’t live in the area, and were not a normal family,” said Sureshe, a retired police officer who lives in a small town near the spot where the victims died.

“Police told us the victim was a student.

I said that I don’t know what she was doing in that part of the city,” Suresha added.

The couple lived with their parents in an apartment in a slum near the Rohit Vemuli area of Delhi.

Rohita’s parents and two younger siblings, who

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